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Quran Imam institute is Online Egyptian platform for teaching Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic studies for non-native Arabic speakers

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Learn Islamic Studies

Islamic study is a statement that describes all studies related to Islam. It includes Sunnah or Hadith science, interpretation(Tafsir science), Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Theology (Tawheed

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The Qur’an license means: A testimony or certificate of perfection and authorization from the authorized Sheikh to the reciter that he has recited the entire

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Why Quran Imam institute?

1. We provide trials for free and accommodate all ages and genders.

2. We work with your schedule with flexibility and based on your available times for free.

3. We provide teachers who are graduated from Al-Azhar University and at the highest Islamic education levels with excellent skills. You can read about some teachers from here.

4. We provide prices that are the lowest ever while delivering with the highest quality.

5. We provide lessons with our teachers based on individual and not groups for the best learning experience.

6. We provide each student with a customized plan of study based on their educational level, speed of response, and absorption of information.

7. We have 24/7 hours of service every day to help communicate and learn easily and quickly.

8. We always work in the development of our services and team skills.

9. We have certificates of appreciation to motivate students and continuously elevate their skills.

10. We provide recognized certificates. Contact us to learn more.

11. We have a great book library and we send students the required books for the best learning experience for free.

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