Learn Islamic Studies

Islamic study is a statement that describes all studies related to Islam. It includes Sunnah or Hadith science, interpretation(Tafsir science), Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Theology (Tawheed science), in addition to other sciences such as prophetic Biography (Sirah), the science of the Qur’an, and Islamic history.

Islamic studies are essential to present one to the foundations of Islam. Although we are Muslims, we know little about our religion. We never really understood the religion our ancestors followed, and now we are not even familiar with the basics. Unfortunately, most of us lack the scratch points in his journey to seek Islamic knowledge. So, please take it easy, step by step, and don’t seek the top before the principles.


This course is so important to each Muslim who is keen to understand his religion from different aspects to have a real Muslim life. This course is designed to teach you basic Islamic knowledge and Muslim beliefs.

This course will be very useful, helping you to learn various Islamic studies as follow:

(Aqidah): the three principles(knowing your lord, prophet, and religion), Articles of faith, faith in its different kinds, all the meanings related to faith, and so on.

(Fiqh): introductory to this science, basic rules of (Purification, praying, fasting, pilgrimage-Hajj-). It interprets the rules of Allaah concerning what is Obligatory (Wajib), Forbidden (Haram), recommended (mandub), disapproved (makruh), and neutral or approved (Mubah). The curriculum is divided into Fiqh Essentials and Advanced Topics in the view of the four prominent schools: [Maliki,Shafi’i,Hanafi and Hanbali].

(Hadith): studying a principle book of Hadith clears the terms and concepts of this science, fundamental book of Hadith such as “The forty Nawawi Hadith”, Riyad al-salheen and then moving to high-level studying Sahih al-Bukhary&Muslim, The four books of Sunnan.

(Tafsir):  studying a book on the” Manners or etiquettes of Qur’an’s seeker”, meanings of the Qur’an, a book in ” Causes of revelation”, a fundamental book  “an introduction to the principles of Tafsir”, a concise book of Tafsir that explains verses in detail, and then moves forward to more advanced books.

(Sirah): one of the three principles of our Aqidaah is to know the Bio of the prophet Muhammad, his life, his manner of worship, his conquers, his journey to bring Islam, and all other details. So, it will be an important and amazing course that guides the student to have at least an overwhelming view and knowledge about his life(PBUH) with simple and well-designed books.

Benefits of learning Islamic studies

A way of life for  Muslims, not simply a belief.

It instills in a child the foundations of Islam.

The student will be able to learn about the basic foundations of Islam formally such as Fiqh, Qur’an, Hadith, TaWhid, Arabic language, History of Islam, and our Prophet (S).

It allows the right knowledge of Islam to be taught to the student.

It enables students to learn about Islam from properly trained teachers and from reliable resources provided for them.

Why taking this course with us

  • Many satisfied and blessed feedback from students around the world including USA, UK, Canada, France and others.
  • Online meeting with the best Quran tutors teachers in the world who Graduated from Al-Azhar University and other prestigious Islamic universities.
  • Facilitation to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the process of learning,having materials,text messages, monthly reports, fees paid and others.
  • Men and women teachers are available for flexible choice.
  • All of our tutors are highly qualified and have been selected accurately from around 100 teachers with whom we have received their applications to join us.
  • Our teachers are certified with authentic Certificates, Training and teaching Quran courses.
  • Our excellent teachers begin with you step-by-step, helping you to reach a very good level of proficiency alongside with best implementation, so we care about you and your goal.
  • We will teach you forms and methods of best review to preserve and keep what you have memorized
  • flexibility of choosing session time with an organized and well-prepared meeting room.
  • The student is available to communicate directly and inquire about anything at any time.
  • An approach: Scheduling after the trial session and knowing the level of the student.

At the end, I’d like to remind you to bring your intention before you start studying and make it for the sake of Allah Glory Be To Him.