Learn Arabic language

Allah has honored the Arabic language as he revealed the Qur’an with it upon an Arabic man who is the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and protected it by protecting the great noble Qur’an.

This honorarium is definitive proof that it’s the best language. However, it’s a tight expansion nowadays because most of its speakers neglect to learn and teach it in different places of the world.

So, learning Arabic should be a necessary matter for the reciter and learner of the Qur’an and its science to be able to understand it in a suitable way.


The Arabic language is essential for all Muslims to read and recite the Holy Quran correctly. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four basic skills to learn any language. If you want to master the language you should be concerned with the fundamentals and you will not become a complete speaker of a language without building those four fundamentals.

This course contains lessons that cover most of the Arabic grammar and morphology topics that are needed to help you in the process of learning the Qur’an easily and quickly.

👉  fundamentals is the main goal of this course in addition to:

  1. basics of different kinds of conversation.
  2. focusing on visual and audible parts.
  3. The student’s proficiency in reading, writing and understanding the rules of the Arabic language.
  4. The student’s ability to possess the meanings of many different concepts that are specific to the Arabic language.
  5. The student’s ability to understand different structures ;so that he can understand the Arabic language in its proper way, and thus he can understand the Qur’an.
  6. You will be qualified to communicate with the Arab communities of your country.

The Academy gives students the opportunity not only to learn the language, but also to speak,practice and feel confident in a conversation.

Working with students to participate regularly in an active lifestyle improves language skills in Arabic.

Benefits of The Course

  • It’s Allah’s Chosen to be the language of His book.
  • To understand the Quran and Sunnah clearly without feeling confused from ambiguous meanings.
  • An essential to understand Islamic sciences.
  • A part from your religious beliefs.
  • A channel of Islamic Culture.
  • To view the Islamic science and culture due to the fact that understanding Islam is related to understanding Arabic.
  • To be free from misunderstanding of Islamic matters .


  • Many satisfied and blessed feedback from students around the world including USA, UK, Canada, France and others.
  • Online meeting with the best Quran tutors teachers in the world who Graduated from Al-Azhar University and other prestigious Islamic universities.
  • Men and women teachers are available for flexible choice.
  • Facilitation to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the process of learning,having materials,text messages, monthly reports, fees paid and others.
  • All of our tutors are highly qualified and have been selected accurately from around 100 teachers with whom we have received their applications to join us.
  • Our teachers are certified with authentic Certificates, Training and teaching Quran courses.
  • Our excellent teachers begin with you step-by-step, helping you to reach a very good level of proficiency alongside with best implementation, so we care about you and your goal.
  • We will teach you forms and methods of best review to preserve and keep what you have memorized.
  • flexibility of choosing session time with an organized and well-prepared meeting room.
  • The student is available to communicate directly and inquire about anything at any time.
  • An approach: Scheduling after the trial session and knowing the level of the student. 

Finally, You will find a sweetness in your lifestyle after learning and applying Arabic language especially in Qur’an and Sunnah.