Learn How to Read Arabic

Allah – Glory be to Him and  – distinguished the message of Islam by making its beginning the order of reading when angel Gabriel revealed this message to our master Muhammad – may Allah ’s prayers and peace be upon him – by saying: “Read by the name of your lord who have created you ” [ 1:96 ].

This is an evidence of the virtue, importance and greatness of reading, and the best reading ever is the recitation of the Noble Qur’an, which is the word of God Almighty in which the more an individual reads it and contemplates its verses, the greater of the benefits will come to him.

It is the foundation upon which science and knowledge are based, and – Allah Almighty – made the command to read on its own without being restricted to a type of reading, time or place for reading, and this is an indication of the universality of Islam, its comprehensiveness, and its immortality until the Day of Resurrection.

Reading is one of the arts of linguistic communication and it is integrated with other language arts or skills. Through listening, the student learns many words that he will see in a written form, so his ability to read them will increase.

On the other hand, the relationship between the skill of reading and writing  is mutual, as reading helps to acquire knowledge, and encourages  your desire for suggestive writing, as writing enhances word recognition and a sense of the sentence.


Reading is a skill which learners acquire according to their own ways of mastering it, as reading is one of the most complex mental activities.It requires knowledge of the audio-visual form of the word. It also requires thinking and anticipating the meanings symbolized by the words.

It includes all kinds of thinking. From assessment, judgment, imagination, and conclusion which are associated with understanding.

You should be patient ,have an attitude and give this process of learning your focus and time to master the skill and apply it in different fields of your life.

👉  In this important course, we do our best and support you with reading strategies that may help you developing reading skill and reading comprehension well and quickly as follow:

  • A variety books of Arabic rules such as: (Nooraniyah, Fathul-rhman, Noor al-Byaan, al-Bughdadiyaah, and so on.)
  • Arabic alphabet-shapes with sounds- and differences between them.
  • Getting familiar with different Arabic basics and simple rules in order to know different Arabic text formats.
  • Studying roots and patterns of the word to lead you toward the meaning easily.
  • Grammatical and structure rules, specific vocabularies, definitions, quotes, etc.
  • short and long simple Arabic stories.
  • Studying different kinds of conversations, focusing on new and unfamiliar vocabulary you encounter, in addition to developing speaking and oral skills.
  • learning reading texts and charts with conclusions and summary points focusing on:

(Main ideas, word meaning and synonyms, different kinds of statements, using different structures, function of punctuation Marks, etc.)

Benefits of learning how to read Arabic

Islam gave an eye and special care to the reading, as we have mentioned that Allah made the first revelation that was descend is the command of reading. So, it’s considered as a noble goal that Islam encouraged and urged us upon it. In order to achieve this goal a student should set his goals and know the importance of studying this skill.

We will mention some of the virtues and importance of reading skill:

  1. Fulfilling the will of Allah and achieving the purpose of the Shari’ah. 
  2. Development of thought, thinking and skills. 
  3. Acquisition of new useful informations and unique, pure knowledge through which the mind is enlightened with the light of beneficial knowledge. 
  4. Learning about different sciences, cultures and civilizations. 
  5. gaining communication skills with others, as it has a prominent role in creativity, innovation, development and prosperity. 
  6. A good reader becomes a good writer,so you may promotes to become a great effective author or writer one day and raises the ignorance from your society. 
  7. Increasing your knowledge, vocabularies, using of rhetorical methods, statement structures, etc. 
  8. One of the most important things that preserve the mind, as it is the sport of the mind that maintains its health and strength.

💫  Reading is a desire and a state of longing for science and knowledge that lasts a lifetime, especially if a person has become accustomed to it since childhood and made it as a hobby.
You will get great consequences with continuity and persevering and it will expand your perceptions and mak you open up to the world.


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