Some of Quran Imam institute's Professors ,lecturers and teachers

Sheikh Ahmed Alshafi’e

2018- 2020     “Dubai” Working as an Islamic HOD Mentoring teachers to improve teaching, classroom management, and disciplinary strategies and updated them with training on

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Ustadh Muhammad Ali

Lecturer at Sultan Agung Islamic University Semarang- Indonesia  I am honoured to be one of the ambassadors of the Arabic Language to non native speakers.

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Sheikh Mohammed Yahia

He studied in Al_Azhar University, the faculty of Languages and Translation the department of Islamic studies in English. He has more than 5 years experience

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Sheikh Abdelrahman Ahmed

Sheikh Abdelrahman graduated in the faculty of Language and Translation in Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Simultaneous Translation department, with very good degree in 2019. He

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Sheikh Sayed Saif

He studied in, Ein Shams University, and El Minya University the faculty of Arts the department of English. He studied in AL-Taqwa institute He has

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Alshimaa Ismail

She Graduated from faculty of engineering, but she is proud to do career shift as A Quran teacher, because it has been reported that our

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Ustatha Fatima

graduated from Al Azhar University, Faculty of Education, English Department. She has got her degree as excellent with honour. Ustatha Fatima is Hafiza of the

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Amal Zakaria

she graduated from veterinary medicine, canal suez university. -She studied Qur’an and tajweed from early age and has memorized the holy Qur’an. -She took some

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Ustadha Asmaa`

Teacher Asmaa Abdul Rahman.She studied at fucluty of language and simultaneous interpretation , English department at Alazhar university. She studied in Dar Al Arqam bin

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