Sheikh Abdelrahman Ahmed

Sheikh Abdelrahman graduated in the faculty of Language and Translation in Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Simultaneous Translation department, with very good degree in 2019. He also made a pre-master Programme in English language and linguistics in the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University.
He began his Journey with Quran memorization at a very young age. He completed memorizing the holy Quran at the age of 10. His great sheikh had also taught him Tajweed rules and trained him very well how to apply these rules during reading Quran. He also studied a great deal of Islamic studies as a result of being a member of the great institution of Al-Azher and being taught by his father the great sheikh and Islamic studies teacher.
Sheikh Abdelrahman has been praying as an Imam in daily Salahs and in Taraweeh and Tahajud prayers in the blessed month of Ramadan. He has a sweet voice and great ability in applying intonation rules.
Sheikh Abdelrahman enjoys teaching Quran and Islamic studies for non-Arabic speakers as he sees it as the most honorable work to do.