How to write Arabic

How to write Arabic

We previously mentioned the virtue and importance of the Arabic language. It is still so important to learn it for many reasons and benefits. It’s well known that each language has four skills, one of them is Writing which is related to reading skills.

If you want to write in a good way you have to read a lot and record the benefits of your reading so that you, later on, can raise your writing skills with strong and organized statements.

Due to the importance of learning Arabic for all Muslims around the world, we present the course “ Effective Arabic writing ” for Muslims who are not Arabs or live in non-Arabic countries.

About the Course

Anyone who is familiar with Arabic reading skills should not by necessity also have a proficiency in writing skill. We can find those who can read correctly, sometimes may make mistakes in writing skill.

This matter may occur because they lack for the foundations and they have a clear confusion between some components of the language.

The rules of the Arabic language and detecting(Imlaa’) must be learned in order to master Arabic writing.

According to what we have mentioned, we’re going to focus on Arabic writing rules and principles as follows:

  • learn and memorize the letters of the Arabic language by reading and writing, as letters are the main component of any language.
  • Distinguish the three vowels( fatha, damma, and kasra) from the three letters of madd.
  • Writing each letter accompanied by the three vowels and each letter of the three lengthening letters.
  • Practicing writing examples contains nouns, verbs, and letters.
  • Learning to distinguish between the kinds of “laam sakinah” and how to write them.
  • learning how and when to write each letter in the beginning, middle, or the end of the word.
  • Knowing and practicing the rules of writing “Hamza” in its various positions.
  • Practicing writing phrases and sentences includes the previous parts.

All that we’ve mentioned in addition to learning “written and oral conversations”.

Benefits of the Course

  • It is the main means of preserving sciences, life experiences, deductions, opinions, sayings, biographies, and historical events.
  • An important way to express inner feelings to others in an attempt to bridge the distances between both parties.
  • A way of creativity and highlighting talents & abilities.
  • An essential skill that benefits seekers of knowledge at all grade levels.
  • Cultivate the language and help the student to use it skillfully.
  • Improving the font and the ability to write clearly.
  • Using grammar to construct correct and understandable sentences.

Why taking this Course with us

  • Many satisfied and blessed feedback from students around the world including USA, UK, Canada, France and others.
  • Online meeting with the best Quran tutors teachers in the world who Graduated from Al-Azhar University and other prestigious Islamic universities.
  • Men and women teachers are available for flexible choice
  • Facilitation to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the process of learning,having materials,text messages, monthly reports, fees paid and others.
  • All of our tutors are highly qualified and have been selected accurately from around 100 teachers with whom we have received their applications to join us.
  • Our teachers are certified with authentic Certificates, Training and teaching Quran courses.
  • Our excellent teachers begin with you step-by-step, helping you to reach a very good level of proficiency alongside with best implementation, so we care about you and your goal.
  • We will teach you forms and methods of best review to preserve and keep what you have memorized.
  • flexibility of choosing session time with an organized and well-prepared meeting room.
  • The student is available to communicate directly and inquire about anything at any time.
  • An approach: Scheduling after the trial session and knowing the level of the student.

In addition to a lot of benefits that you’ll get from learning with us under the supervision of qualified teachers from Al-Azhar University and other Islamic Universities besides communicating with the staff to ask or inquire about anything.  I’d like to say that practice makes perfect. If you find free time try to practice your hand over what you have learned.

So, come and join your teacher to start your way into achieving an important skill, hoping to have enjoyable sessions.