1. The student has free trial classes that are not paid for at all. InshaAllah (If Allah wills)

2. Because we are confident in our outstanding quality, thanks to Allah, the payments are made after the end of the month and not in advance at the beginning of the month.

3. We send the student his monthly reports with the monthly invoice after the end of each month.

4. The student can request a vacation as he likes and resume studies at the time he sets. This leave is not paid and the student is not held accountable.

5. If the student is absent without warning at least two hours before the lesson. Otherwise, he must provide an acceptable excuse for not being warned of his absence. If neither this nor that is done, the student will pay for the class, because if the teacher waits, he will receive his wages from the institute.

6. If the student shared with the instructor that he will be absent then he does not pay anything and thanks to his appreciation for science and scholars.

7. All adult students are assigned, same-gender instructors. As for the children, the decision is up to the guardians.

8. If for some reason the student wants to change the instructor then refer to the administration and request the change.

9. The student and his guardians can discuss with the administration everything without embarrassment. Discussions are private and confidential.

10. The student and his guardian can refer to the administration at any time and discuss the curricula, and development plans and discuss anything related to the student, etc.

11. If the teacher is absent due to an emergency (and this is rare but for information), we arrange with the student a make-up lesson at a time convenient for him.

13. Appointments must be respected and taken seriously.

14. If we find repeated negligence on the part of the student, we alert the guardian and communicate with him in a meeting to discuss the matter, its reason, and how we can help him progress.

15. More details you will know after starting the journey of learning and studying with us. InshaAllah.