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Now, a learn Quran online opportunity starts. Quran Imam Institute offers you the leading online Quran learning platform in complete and comprehensive classes with the unique aim of teaching the Quran online to kids and adults.

Let’s get to know the best online academy Quran learning site, available to everyone worldwide to learn Quran online for all levels.

Quran Imam Institute/Academy to learn Quran online

Quran Imam Institute is an online learning academy that professionally teaches the Quran and Arabic language online and offers its services to adults and kids.

The educational process occurs through individual online sessions with teachers and sheikhs who use the latest teaching methods to introduce the Quran and Islamic studies.

The Academy offers the possibility to obtain a free trial course through direct communication via WhatsApp or by filling out a form through this link.

The lessons are suitable for kids and adults (man & woman) and non-Arabic speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.

What are the courses offered by Quran Imam Institute?

Quran Imam to learn Quran online presents a comprehensive content of educational online classes courses related to the Quran, Tajweed, and the Arabic language, which include the following:

Quran Recitation with Tajweed Rules

This online Quran class helps you learn Quran online, read the Quran with correct recitation, using the valid laws of Tajweed,

your teacher will monitor the enunciation and correct you so that you can finally learn the accurate reading of the Quranic verses.

Learn ten Qira’aat (All riwayahs)

In these classes, you learn the ten different readings of Qira’aat in the Quran and understand the different ways of pronouncing and repeating the movements of the Quran,

because each Qira’aa has its Tajweed regulations.

Learn How to Read Arabic

As we know, reading in Arabic is necessary for every Muslim, and it is vital for non-native Arabic speakers to read the Quran correctly with tajweed.

You will learn online to read and pronounce Arabic speech correctly.

Learn how to speak Arabic

You will be able to have honest conversations in Arabia, and expert tutors will teach you to talk in Standard Arabic,

which will help you understand the teachings of the basics Islamic religion and read the Quran correctly.

Learn Islamic Studies

These courses instruct basic Islamic studies to understand the Book of Allah (the Quran). Teaching is taken out according to different curricula that suit adults and kids.

Quran memorization

Here, you will memorize Quran with experienced sheikhs, and with them, Quran IGAZA, they will help you learn the Quran with Tajweed.

Learn Quran online for kids

Online Quran memorization course instructs kids to memorize the Quran with Tajweed in a simplified and fun way that suits their age.

It fits kids from 5 to 15 years old. Expert Tutors Encouraging means are used to motivate children to memorize and understand.

How to write Arabic

Here, you will learn to write Arabic letters online and then write Arabic step by step with specialized expert tutors who will help you professionally write and read in Arabic.

Learn the Arabic language

With these classes, you will be able to speak Arabic fluently, pronunciation correctly,

and learn the laws of the Arabic vocabulary.

Daily Du’as and Adhkar

One of the introductory classes for every Muslim, in which you know the daily dhikr, Islamic supplications, and praise, and it is one of the things a Muslim receives a great reward and earns endless rewards.


These classes provide students with a certificate in the Holy Quran IGAZA, an essential document for those who want to be advocates and qualified to teach others the Quran.

best online Quran classes free

The Quran imam academy allows all Muslims to learn the Quran online for free by booking your first trial class.

You can book online Quran classes with tajweed by filling out a registration document or calling directly through the WhatsApp service on the number +201501088023.

best website to learn Quran online

Quran Imam Institute is an Egyptian institute that provides learning classes for the Holy Quran and education in Arabic. It is the best place to learn Quran online for adults and kids.

It helps families in Western countries to teach their kids how to reading the Quran fluently, learn the Quran,

and learn the correct Arabic language with the help of professional Arab teachers who speak English fluently through live lessons via the Internet.

Why do you need a Tajweed tutor?

The translation of the Quran changes the meanings of the ayat, so The teacher’s presence is vital in education, as he is the compass that will guide you to learning Quran online correctly.

He will teach you the rules of Tajweed by listening to the teacher repeats the laws more than once and hearing you when you recite them and then corrects your mistakes.

It is also difficult for you to assess your level yourself. As he said, Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, “He who enters the road without a guide will take a hundred years on a journey that only takes two days.”

Why join the Quran Imam Academy?

  • The Quran Imam online school for learning Quraan has many advantages, including:
  • It has professional teachers of hand-picked selected Quran and Arabic lingo teachers (male & female); Teachers graduated from respected Islamic universities.

They explain on Zoom through a face-to-face video call with the student.

  • Quran Imam allows you to study in individual classes, and you can choose the teacher you want.
  • The Academy is offering a flexible booking system that suits your schedule.
  • Quran imam offers competitive rates for lessons.
  • The Foundation has a support team of teachers that support the requirements of learners of all ages and genders.
  • There is a discount for siblings or students who study more than 3 hours per week.
  • The platform provides teachers of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif university graduates, which aids you in easily understanding and absorbing knowledge and getting the best educational experience.
  • With extra many advantages you could easily try a free trial class without any payment in advance. Just ask to do a free trial class from here
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