Quran Imam is an online professional platform for learning Quran, Arabic and Islam studies for children and adults through individual online sessions offered by Arab teachers and local teachers. Our staff includes experienced Quran and Arabic teachers using the most advanced technologies and new teaching techniques to make learning the Quran, Arabic or Islam online much more effective and interactive. Our tutors are able to communicate fluently in Arabic and English, ensuring communication and learning are effective.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where every Muslim understands the religion (Islam) and the Quran very well regardless of differences in nationalities, ages, and gender. We aim to make every Muslim in this world knows how to read the Arabic language perfectly, recite Quran with understanding, and even graduate a generate of authentic preachers & teachers who transmit the right Islamic & Quranic knowledge to the following generations.

Our Mission

We are doing our best by utilizing technology and developing new teaching techniques and methods every day to facilitate delivering the Quranic and Islamic knowledge to all Muslims in the world. We help Muslims from across the globe, especially those who live in non-Arabic speaking countries to learn Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies through one-to-one online sessions with highly-qualified tutors.

Why Quran Imam institute?

1. We provide trials for free and accommodate all ages and genders.

2. We work with your schedule with flexibility and based on your available times for free.

3. We provide teachers who are graduated from Al-Azhar University and at the highest Islamic education levels with excellent skills. You can read about some teachers from here.

4. We provide prices that are the lowest ever while delivering with the highest quality.

5. We provide lessons with our teachers based on individual and not groups for the best learning experience.

6. We provide each student with a customized plan of study based on their educational level, speed of response, and absorption of information.

7. We have 24/7 hours of service every day to help communicate and learn easily and quickly.

8. We always work in the development of our services and team skills.

9. We have certificates of appreciation to motivate students and continuously elevate their skills.

10. We provide recognized certificates. Contact us to learn more.

11. We have a great book library and we send students the required books for the best learning experience for free.