Sheikh Sayed Saif

He studied in, Ein Shams University, and El Minya University the faculty of Arts the department of English. He studied in AL-Taqwa institute He has more than 11 years experience in Teaching Quran. He holds several Ijazat in Hafs. He holds Ijazat in the six books. He holds Ijazat in six books.
– He gives lessons at the age of 20. He is teaching Islamic studies in both Arabic and English icluding ; Al aqidah,Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh and others.
– He can start with students with no previous experience with Quran from the early .
– Able to start with weak students till they are excellent students in less time.
– Teaching different-aged students how to recite Quran correctly with Tajweed rules.
– beginning with Norani Qa’edah and other fluent students.
– He is used to explaining basic and complex Tajweed rules for students to get familiar with recitation.
– Teaching with perfect Tajweed rules.
– Working as an Arabic teacher for English speaking students.
– Able to demonstrate a high level of motivation, enthusiasm for my subject.
– An effective classroom teacher.
– possessing a huge range of personal qualities including: Confidence; patience; compassion; understanding; Enthusiasm; a sense of humour and dedication to excellence.
– Focus on details.